TK&S   Foundation   formed   on  9th  November 2003  By Mr Dr T.R.Rao
and Mr  T.V.N. Rao  in  remembrance  of  their Late  parents Mr. Tanniru
Krishna Murthy
  and  Mrs Tanniru Sitaravamma  who were involved in
India's Freedom struggle  ,with the following objectives

  1. To establish, maintain and run Scholarships and other kinds of aid to
    the students including supply  of  books, stipends, medals and other
    incentives to  Financially  underprivileged  students in India, without
    any distinction as to Cast, creed, Colour, Race or Sex.
  2. To publish books of Literary,  academic and  Educative  value which
    contribute to the objective.
  3. To  develop  a  healthy  as  well  as  a  Critical  attitude  towards the
    development of Mental, Physical and moral uplift of the Students.
  4. To  aid  Educational  Institutions  including Graduate, Post Graduate
    and Research Institutions, to promote and encourage education and
    diffusion of Knowledge in various Universities in India.  
  5. To cooperate,  collaborate,  and carry  on the objectives of the trust
    with other Trusts or Public bodies, or Institutions having similar
    objectives or Governmental authorities.
  6. Generally to do anything and  everything  to promote education and
    Research in any discipline.
Tanniru Krishna Murthy and Sitaravamma Foundation
"Education enables people to discriminate Good and
Bad and this intern helps building Nations Character
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